Sumitomo Offers Expansive, Consumer-Friendly Catalog

Sumitomo’s new 21-22 General Catalog includes customer-oriented information on the company’s largest batch of new products since it opened a USA branch in 1979.


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A screenshot of the Sumitomo catalog's cover
Photo Credit: Sumitomo

Sumitomo’s new 21-22 General Catalog includes the debut of its largest offering of inch and metric products in the North American market since the company established its USA headquarters in 1979.

Featured new items with full lineup availability include the WEZ 90-degree Shoulder Milling Series, fully renovated turning grades for all materials (the AC4000K, AC5000S, AC6000M, AC8000P and T2500Z series), expanded GND Grooving Tools and many drilling products. The listings for these products both organize regular data and offer exclusive insights, including up-to-date Sumitomo product descriptions, U.S. stock availability, application examples, competitor comparisons and running recommendations.

In addition to adding new details, descriptions and data, Sumitomo reorganized its 21-22 General Catalog with an improved, customer-oriented structure. The Turning (B), CBN (L) & PCD (M) sections are now sorted by geometry and insert size to assist customers in finding the ideal insert chipbreaker and grade for any application. Sumitomo also made customer-friendly improvements to the Milling (H) and Drilling (J) sections. The milling section now includes displays of applicable inserts for each milling cutter on the following page, thus creating easy designations. The drilling section sorts drills by series and diameter, with expanded dimensions shown in ISO13399. The dimension symbols are now current with ISO13399 for uniformity with industry standards.

Find the digital PDF of Sumitomo’s 21-22 General Catalog at www.sumicarbide.com/catalog2122. The catalog is organized by sections and is available to download in its entirety or by individual page. Sumitomo also offers a hard copy version upon request. Please submit requests via the form at www.sumicarbide.com/catalogrequest.


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