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Surfcam Reseller Hires Applications Engineer

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The hire is reflective of Surfcam’s recent and significant product updates.


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Surfcam reseller CAMCAD Technologies Inc. (Winter Springs, Florida) has hired Greg Harmeling as an applications engineer to ensure that its customers receive comprehensive support for the upgraded Surfcam product line by Vero Software. Part of the reason for the hire is that Surfcam now offers two products: Surfcam, which includes a range of new and improved features; and Surfcam Traditional, the product most familiar to longtime users.

“With the introduction of the new Surfcam product late last year, CAMCAD decided we needed to find a really sharp young mechanical engineer to become our point man for the new product,” says Alison Wildblood, CEO and co-owner of CAMCAD Technologies.

Mr. Harmeling, who earned his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Central Florida, completed an internship with CAMCAD Technologies during the final year of his studies. During that internship, he was tasked with becoming a resident expert on the new-and-improved Surfcam. He is primarily responsible for providing support on the new Surfcam product, providing demonstrations, training and answering support questions.


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