TCI Precision Metals Unveils Online Store

TCI Precision Metals has launched an online store, where it offers more than 1,700 different configurations of standard machine-ready blanks and offers custom quotes.


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A photo of some of the blanks on offer in TCI Precision Metals' online catalogue

TCI Precision Metals has launched an online store at https://shop.tciprecision.com, offering an expanded range of standard machine-ready blanks alongside custom jobs. Customers can select from more than 1,700 size, alloy and tolerance configurations. On-hand inventory allows quick delivery to meet short deadlines in low quantities, and the online store also offers aluminum drops and precision vise jaws.

“Custom-size precision machine-ready blanks and large-volume production pricing are always available, but when standard sizes and tolerances are a fit, our new online sourcing and purchasing option is fast and cost-effective,” says Ben Belzer, president and COO of TCI Precision Metals.

Standard machine-ready blanks are pre-machined materials produced square, flat and parallel, making them immediately ready for finish machining. TCI Precision Metals offers two types of Standard Blanks in pre-configured dimension and alloy combinations: two-side precision blanks that TCI grounds or mills on two sides for thickness and flatness to +/-.002 inch, and saw cuts or waterjet cuts to +/-.060 inch for width and length; and six-side precision blanks which the company precision grinds or mills on two sides for thickness and flatness and mills on four sides for width and length, with all dimensions +/-.002 inch.

For larger quantities or tighter tolerances, TCI can produce custom machine-ready blanks to customer-specified dimensions as close as +/-.0005 inch dimensionally and as close as .002 inch in flatness, squareness and parallelism.

Machine-ready blanks arrive deburred, cleaned and vacuum-packaged to eliminate the possibility of any damage during shipping and handling. TCI says they are ready to go directly from receiving into CNC machining centers. By minimizing prep and setup time, the company says the blanks help operators and machines get to the high-value work of finish machining. Consistent blank-to-blank tolerances reduce time spent adjusting setups and workholding fixtures, which saves valuable spindle time.


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