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Techni Waterjet, Micro Waterjet Collaborate on Cutting System

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Micro’s cutting machine uses a pump from Techni promoting high accuracy.


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Techni Waterjet (Lenexa, Kansas) and Micro Waterjet LLC (Huntersville, North Carolina) have announced that they will be collaborating on a high-precision micro waterjet system. The cutting machine will use Techni Waterjet’s Quantum NXT electric servo pump. 

Micro Waterjet will set up a demonstration machine in Techni Waterjet’s Advanced Applications Lab in Lenexa, Kansas. The new micro waterjet C4 is said to be capable of achieving cutting accuracy of ±0.01 mm and positioning accuracy of ±0.003 mm. 

“Techni’s ESP pump is a natural fit for the precision Micro Waterjet’s C4 and F4 machines,” says Techni Sales Manager Jim Fields. 


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