Teradyne Acquires Mobile Industrial Robots

This acquisition will widen Teradyne’s portfolio of automation products and expand MiR’s reach to new worldwide markets.

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Teradyne Inc. and the shareholders of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) have announced the acquisition of MiR (Odense, Denmark). MiR is a supplier of collaborative autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for industrial applications.

“We are excited to have MiR join Teradyne’s widening portfolio of advanced, intelligent, automation products,” says Mark Jagiela, president and CEO of Teradyne. “MiR is the market leader in the nascent but fast-growing market for collaborative AMRs. Like Universal Robots’ collaborative robots, MiR collaborative AMRs lower the barrier for both large and small enterprises to incrementally automate their operations without the need for specialty staff or a re-layout of their existing workflow. This, combined with a fast return on investment, opens a vast new automation market. Following the path proven with Universal Robots, we expect to leverage Teradyne’s global capabilities to expand MiR’s reach.”

Thomas Visti, CEO of MiR, says, “Joining Teradyne allows us to advance our engineering and development investments to provide greater value to our customers and further expand our market leadership in industrial autonomous mobile robots. Teradyne’s worldwide reach, world-class engineering, support capabilities, financial strength and proven model for leveraging those strengths will help us grow in new and existing markets worldwide.”