Verisurf Appoints Reseller Channel Sales Manager

Scott Knoche will lead efforts to support Verisurf resellers with a multifaceted metrology sales and marketing support program.


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Verisurf Software Inc. has appointed Scott Knoche Reseller Channel Sales Manager for the United States and Canada. Under the new position, Mr. Knoche will lead efforts to support Verisurf resellers with a multifaceted metrology sales and marketing support program. The effort is aimed at helping authorized dealers be successful identifying customers, developing needs assessments and delivering comprehensive metrology products.

Scott has been a part of sales and marketing at Verisurf for the past 16 years, most recently serving as North Central Regional Sales Manager, and brings a wealth of experience to this new position,” says Ernie Husted, president and CEO. “His reputation precedes him with resellers and customers alike, and we look forward to his contributions to this important channel management responsibility.”

Regional managers, sales and applications engineers, and headquarters staff will continue to provide resellers with sales and administrative support along with added program support, under Mr. Knoche’s direction.

“We are taking a program approach to dealer success, designed to help principals and their sales teams effectively recognize opportunities, provide consultation and make recommendations on automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning and reverse engineering, and tool building,” said Scott Knoche, Reseller Channel Sales Manager. 


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