Walter, Comara Announce Joint Venture

The venture is intended to expand the partners’ smart manufacturing product offerings.

Walter AG (Tübingen, Germany) has joined with its partner Comara GmbH (Georgen, Germany)—a software company that is majority-owned by Walter AG as of October 2016—to create a new company under joint leadership.

“This is a key step in our drive to provide our customers in North America and around the world with Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 solutions,” says Mirko Merlo, president of Walter.

This is not a new goal for either of these companies. Walter plans to evolve from a tool manufacturer to a provider of comprehensive production solutions. Meanwhile, Comara has been working closely with Walter since 2012 on connectivity and Smart Manufacturing issues, building on its strengths in collecting, evaluating and using real-time data to connect machines. Together with Walter, the company also develops software solutions for connecting all devices in the production environment, from machines and tools to logistics and databases.

Walter says synergies made possible by joint venture will enable digitizing and connecting tools with greater precision and sophistication and optimizing them using real-time data. The joint venture’s aim is to develop additional solutions and make them available to more machine and device manufacturers as well as end users.

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