Walter, Starrag Host Fifth Annual Turbine Technology Days

The companies claim that the aviation industry’s boom and the power generation industry’s increasing need for gas turbines comprise the turbine manufacturing industry’s call to action.


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Walter AG teamed up with machine builder Starrag AG to host the fifth annual Turbine Technology Days event at Starrag headquarters in Switzerland. The event attracted over 200 visitors from 19 countries. It focused specifically on ways to make turbine production more productive and reliable, as well as developments in machining and control technology that are changing both turbine production and manufacturing in general.

Turbine production is attracting considerable attention, Walter says, in part because the aviation industry is experiencing a boom, while the power generation sector is experiencing increasing demand for gas turbines. The consequences, according to the company: OEMs and suppliers must increase their production while machine builders are being called on to meet higher-quality criteria while facing increased competition due to globalization.

For Walter and Starrag, the aerospace and energy sectors are strategic business areas in which they are developing application-specific solutions in partnership with their customers.

Mirko Merlo, CEO of Walter AG, emphasized the importance of digitalization: “Digital solutions are the future of modern machining,” he says. “It is no longer just about turning, milling, drilling and threading. Perfection and precision are basic requirements.”

For Starrag CEO, Walter Börsch, the company’s application-specific approach is the key to making leaps in productivity in order to improve competitiveness.

Working together, Starrag and Walter presented 14 stations that used practical examples to illustrate these opportunities. In addition to machining examples, Starrag and Walter also demonstrated the diverse potential improvements that can be gained through digitalization and modern software.

The event was joined by nine industry partners whose products—ranging from coolant, testing and measuring technology, to software solutions—are said to play a significant role in the process chain.