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Widia Releases App for Access to Product Feeds, Speeds

Widia’s recently-launched Machining Central app provides calculators, product information and machining speeds for Widia tooling.


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Widia has released an app to quickly access machining speeds and feeds for Widia tooling without interrupting production. The Machining Central app scans the product barcode or searches the tool’s corresponding order number, ANSI or ISO catalog number, to automatically generate product information and availability along with feeds and speeds.

Designed for machinists as well as engineers, the app also features three calculators based on the company’s Novo programming software, including end milling and face milling calculators.

“Widia strives to provide resources to increase productivity for our valued customers. Machining Central is just another way we’re doing that. The app provides scan, search and calculate functions, all in the palm of the user’s hand,” says Tarah Mendez, digital marketing program manager.

Machining Central can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Users can visit the company’s website after downloading the app to provide feedback and receive a complimentary bottle opener. 


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