Xometry Launches E-Commerce Website for Tools, Supplies

Xometry has announced the launch of Xometry Supplies, expanding its digital marketplace with a website designed to provide the company’s partners with materials, tools and supplies when they accept jobs.


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Xometry has launched ​Xometry Supplies, an e-commerce website expected to simplify the supply chain of Xometry’s 2,500 partners by providing them with relevant materials, tools and industrial supplies when they accept jobs.

“Xometry Supplies is a natural extension of our efforts to provide our partners with both jobs and lower prices for their materials and tools,” says Xometry co-founder and CEO Randy Altschuler. “Our AI-driven algorithms will offer what our partners need when they need it, helping reduce not only cost but lead time. We will use these algorithms to make it easier for manufacturers to get competitive pricing and fast delivery from one place, so they can focus on making high-quality parts for customers.”

To support the new business line, the company has established a materials logistics hub in Lexington, Kentucky, and acquired Machine Tool & Supply in Jackson, Tennessee, to accelerate go-to-market efforts for tooling and industrial supplies.

According to Xometry, manufacturing partners get access through Xometry Supplies to competitively-priced materials with compressed processing time, same-day shipping on standard cuts, and next-day shipping for most custom cuts.