Zimmer Group Expands with Two North American Subsidiaries

The parent company of Benz, Zimmer and Sommer-Automatic purchased a building in North Carolina to headquarter its U.S. branch.


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Formerly Zimmer/Sommer Automatic—parent company of Zimmer, Sommer-Automatic and Benz—The Zimmer Group says it is expanding its North American business and intensifying its sales and marketing activities worldwide. The group has purchased a building in Hickory, North Carolina, and has begun direct operations in the United States under the name of Zimmer Group US Inc. The group has also founded a Canadian subsidiary, Zimmer Group Canada.

These North American subsidiaries will offer products and services from the parent company’s six technology ranges: handling, damping, linear technology, process technology, tooling technology and machine tooling.

In addition to standard components, Zimmer Group US and Zimmer Group Canada will also offer their customers semi-standard and OEM solutions, as well as customer-specific and customized systems, which will be sold in the market under the three brand names Zimmer, Sommer-Automatic and Benz.

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