15,000 rpm In-Line Spindle

VMX50S incorporates a new concept in spindle drive technology, the In-Line spindle. This approach directly aligns the spindle motor atop the spindle with a high performance coupling. The result is higher spindle performance with Acc/Dec, no belt slippage or vibration, and a spindle system that uses a conventional cartridge spindle for low initial and product life cost. The VMX50S is a high speed variation of the popular VMX50. The 15,000 rpm spindle has a 29.5 hp Yaskawa spindle motor that delivers 110 foot-pounds of torque at 1,400 rpm and accelerates to full speed in 5 seconds. Since many customers are increasing their capabilities in high speed hard milling of dies and molds, the control of the VMX50S has also been upgraded. The UltiMax 4 control has advanced software to calculate the required tool path trajectories and an additional processing CPU to handle the high speed data calculations needed to provide the fast servo updates that 600 IPM contouring rates require. The result is 3D surfaces with high accuracy and surface finish produced with considerable cycle time reduction, according to the company. The spindle has a chiller as standard to remove distortion causing heat. A chip conveyor is also standard.

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