30-Taper VMC Mills, Drills, Taps And Deburrs

The RoboDrill E from Methods Machine Tools, Inc. can be employed to machine medical devices and components such as tibial bearings; valve bodies and assemblies; probes; tubular and solid needles; knobs; sleeves; implants; dental tools; and EMI shields from stainless steel, titanium, hardened tool steels or engineered plastics.


The 30-taper vertical machining center can accomplish high speed milling and drilling and tapping, as well as high speed deburring operations. It is capable of rigid tapping to 8,000 rpm, peck tapping for blind holes and high speed reverse tapping.

Other capabilities include feed rates as high as 2,362 ipm; rapid traverse rates as high as 2,125 ipm; accelerations to 1.5 G and beyond; and 0.9-second tool changes (tool-to-tool).  With precision-enhancing thermal compensation and HRV control, the machine also boasts positioning accuracy of 0.0002" and repeatability of   ± 0.000080".


In addition to a Fanuc 31i-A5 Nano CNC, which provides control resolution of 1 nm, the machine is equipped with a 14- or 21-station tool changer.



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