3D Design Software Increases Functionality

The PowerSHAPE Companion for PartMaker is based on Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software.

The PowerSHAPE Companion for PartMaker is based on Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software. The 3D CAD offering includes functionality for creating solid models; repairing data; editing part designs for manufacture; and designing of machining accessories, such as toolholders and machine components. The software is based on the Parasolid solid modeling kernel, ensuring interoperability with both PartMaker and virtually all other major CAD/CAM systems, the company says.
The data repair functionality includes Solid Doctor, which enables users to read in and repair models from virtually all sources. Those include formats such as IGES and STEP as well as native files such as CATIA, Siemens NX and Pro/Engineer. It also enables users to output files that can be read directly into PartMaker.
With the Solid Doctor, software users can overcome common problems of translating low-precision and incomplete data, the company says. This includes gaps and overlaps between surfaces or duplicated and missing surfaces. The user can then generate a valid, high-precision solid model ready for programming.
The Solid Doctor uses a combination of automatic data repair tools, plus surface creation and editing options available within PowerSHAPE. According to the company, simple repairs can be carried out quickly and easily, while more complex problems can be overcome by deleting and replacing surfaces within the model.
The software is also able to modify aspects of the part that might cause difficulties in manufacturing, the company says. These include adding chamfers to avoid secondary operations, such as deburring, and adjusting or removing fillets that could add machining time and cost to a part. The same tools can also be used to generate extra geometry.
Additionally, the extra modeling tools can be used in conjunction with the company’s Full Machine Simulation module to design machine components, including turrets, gang slides or custom tool holders.