3D Measuring Probe Eases Machine Setup

Offered by Mahr Federal, the Mahr MarTest(r)802 EW is available in digital and mechanical versions. Suitable for use with milling and EDM machines, the probe can be incorporated for a number of setup functions, including determining the zero position of the workpiece; determining the center of a bore; correcting the position of a workpiece; providing measurement of lengths and depths; and providing information for angular calculations.


The product is placed in the milling machine and used to probe the workpiece in the workpiece fixture. It measures in three dimensions simultaneously, providing the operator with positioning data.


Independent of the machine display, the display can be used to locate and establish reference points for the machine. With the digital version of the 802 EW, the display provides a progressive analog bar graph for path information.


Operating the probe gage is said to be relatively simple. For instance, to set the zero point of a workpiece, the operator positions the probe along the X axis until it makes contact with the workpiece, and the display reads zero. The operator then sets the machine tool display to 0.000. This process is then repeated with the Y and Z axes of the machine.


All models are IP65 rated for water resistance and are designed for in-machine tool applications. A range of 0.236"(6 mm) in all axes is said to prevent damage to the probe by contacting errors. Probe resolution at this range is 0.0001"(0.005 mm).



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