40-Taper HMC With High Cutting Torque And High Speed Spindle

Featuring a large work envelope with a small footprint, the Mycenter-HX300iF HMC is designed to achieve high metal-removal rates in precision machining. Manufacturer Kitamura says the 12" × 12" table size reduces spindle interference usually associated with larger tables, allowing close contact with the workpiece for increased accuracy and rigidity. XYZ axis travels of 20.1" × 20.1" × 19.3" enables the machine to accommodate workpieces as large as 19.6" in diameter and 29.1" in height. The 40-taper machine has both high cutting torque and a standard 15,000-rpm, 4-step geared spindle. According to the company, these features provide the versatility to rough and finish in a single setup on materials ranging from aluminum to stainless steel and titanium. In addition, the dual-contact spindle design provides rigidity, quality surface finish, accurate cutting and extended tool life, the company says. With rapid traverse rates of 1,969 ipm on all axes, the machine is equipped with a two-station, 180-degree rotating pallet changer. Other features include a Kitamura-Fanuc 16iMB control, a 40-tool, upgradeable ATC and a fourth-axis rotary table to enable machining of complex, multi-sided parts without separate operations or special equipment. Positioning accuracy is ±0.000078", and repeatability is ±0.000039".