5-Axis Machine Performs Milling And Turning

The SuperMiller 400 is a five-axis integrated machining center designed to produce parts in one setup. Manufacturers with parts requiring primarily milling and secondarily turning will find the most benefit in this machine. The machine can accommodate workpieces up to 15.7" in diameter and 15.7" long. It comes standard with a maximum spindle speed of 12,000 rpm that can be reached in 1.3 seconds, with deceleration occurring in 2.3 seconds. A high speed upgrade increases the maximum spindle speed to 20,000 rpm. In turning mode, the table can rotate up to 1,500 rpm around the A axis. The standard machine version features a 30-tool magazine, with upgrades to 40, 60 or 90 tools available. The chip-to-chop tool change time is 3.8 seconds with the 30-tool magazine.

To maximize rigidity, the machine’s B axis uses a roller gear drive to eliminate backlash and provide high accuracy during cutting. Self-lubricated linear guides direct movement along the XYZ axes, moving at a top speed of 1,772 ipm. The machine can be complemented by a diverse selection of automated systems enabling unmanned machining. Its layout also allows quick access to the machine’s table, tool changing system and hydraulic equipment for easier maintenance.



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