6,000-W Laser Increases Cutting Speeds

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The TC L 3050 from Trumpf Inc. is equipped with the TLF 6000, a 6,000-W CO2 resonator that is designed to increase cutting speeds by as much as 29 percent.

The laser cutting machine is integrated with linear drive technology and has the capability to perform at speeds as high as 1,900 ipm when processing thin sheets. When used in conjunction with the 6,000-W laser, the system can cut material as thick as 1' (mild steels and stainless steel) and 5/8' in aluminum.

Also included is a cutting feature that can reduce positioning times while increasing productivity by as much as 70 percent in certain applications; the company’s process control system, which monitors and adjusts laser parameters to improve pierce hole quality and reduce pierce time; and Sprintlas, on-the-fly piercing that punches through material as thick as 1/4".

Autolas, the company’s programmable focus system, the Dias capacitive height sensing, and four quick-change cutting heads allow the laser user to go from thin sheet cutting to thick plate cutting. 


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