7-Axis Robot Saves Space

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Motoman’s IA10 robot features a seven-axis, actuator-driven design that provides freedom of movement coupled with the ability to maneuver in tight areas. The robot’s design makes it suited for various industrial applications, including assembly, machine tending, insert molding, inspection and more. The space-saving design enables the robot to straighten vertically to occupy 1 sq. ft. of floor space or straighten horizontally at a height of about 2' above the floor. The robot can be mounted in virtually any orientation without limiting the motion range of any axis, the company says. The robot has a 44.1-lb payload, a 44.88" reach (from the center line of base rotation to the tool mounting surface) and repeatability of ±0.004". It is controlled by the company’s NX100 robot controller, which features a PC architecture, a Windows CE programming pendant and Inform III programming language. The controller offers multiple-axis control capability to increase flexibility while reducing the risk of robot collisions. Dual-channel safety features include enhanced E-stop functionality, integrated speed monitoring and manual brake release switches. The controller offers connectivity through standard Ethernet and other network options including DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus-DP and EtherNet/IP. The programming pendant features a color touchscreen display that can be configured as a custom Human Machine Interface (HMI) with buttons and status indicators.