90,000-Psi Waterjet Pump

KMT Waterjet Systems offers the Streamline PRO 125 hp.

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KMT Waterjet Systems offers the Streamline PRO 125 hp. The waterjet pump features a 90,000-psi cutting orifice that measures 0.016". The pump produces at a rate of 1.43 gpm with dual cutting heads using two 0.011" orifices. Both the 125-hp and the 60-hp series can accommodate a range of applications with five-axis, 3D cutting capabilities using the KMT Swivel PRO attachment.
The pump is suited for applications ranging from small, single-head systems to high-volume production requiring multiple cutting head systems. Other capabilities include rapid hole drilling and intricate, tight-tolerance cuts in thick metals including steel, titanium and aluminum.

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