A New Generation Of VMCs

Featuring a portal configuration with a fixed cross rail, Droop and Rein’s TFS series offers a solution for five-sided or five-axis machining requirements, as well as combined turning applications.


Users can select a variety of options, such as automatically exchangeable milling heads, tables in varying designs and options for the machine peripherals. Other features include an optional 320-tool magazine; a milling unit with an integrated C axis; and units available in positioning or contouring designs.


Various table designs, including a single model, double table, a table with pallet exchange and a model for mill-turn operations, are offered. Clamping forces of the rotary axis as high as 12,000 Nm; spindle speeds as high as 6,000 rpm; a hydrostatic way system in the X and Y axes; a temperature-stabilized fork-type milling head; and an electronically pre-loaded rack and pinion drive train are among the product’s key features, the company says.