A Solution To Automated Production Demands

The UCP 600 Vario, a high speed five-axis system designed to handle a variety of machining configurations, including automated production applications, has been introduced by Mikron.


Features aimed at optimizing efficiency include a modular, scaleable toolchanger system that can hold 100 to 220 tools; and a pallet changing system with a seven-position pallet changer for automatically changing and simultaneously machining workpieces having a surface area of up to 13" × 13", a height of 14" and a maximum weight of 176 lbs.


Three spindle options—12,000 rpm, 20,000 rpm and 42,000 rpm—are available. Also included is a rotary/tilt table that swivels between -115 degrees and +30 degrees. The polymer concrete base offers durability and large traverse capacity despite its compact base size, the company says.


Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of the company’s “smart machine” technology, which is designed to optimize machining performance and allow unmanned operation. With smart machine sensors, machinists can use an advanced process system (APS) for monitoring and recording spindle vibrations; an intelligent thermal control (ITC) system to compensate for thermal deviations; and a remote notification system (RNS), allowing real-time control/access at virtually any location for unattended machining.




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