A Surface Roughness/Contour Measuring Instrument

The Surfcom 1900SD/DX, a new surface/contour measuring instrument from Accretech, is equipped with a drive unit and linear motor.

According to the company, its non-contact drive and the simple structure (no leadscrew or gearbox) of the linear motor create stable operation over extended speeds, with minimal vibration.

A teaching/playback function automates a series of processes, from measurement and analysis to pasting of data to generate the inspection report.

With a newly developed roughness detector, the user can perform a range of high-magnification measurements. The surface roughness detector  has a measuring range of 1,000 micronmeters and a measuring magnification of 500,000 times for roughness measurements. The contour detector achieves an accuracy of 2.5 micronmeters, with a maximum measuring range of 50 mm for profile measurements.

The Surfcom 1900SD/DX is also available with the TIMS metrology software package. According to the company, key features of TIMS include an automatic element discrimination function; a dimension line display function; automatic crowning; calculation point repeat; and workpiece trace function in which the measuring range can be determined without setting the values by manually tracing the workpiece.



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