Abrasive Disc Brushes Enable Automation


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Brush Research Manufacturing offers its professional-grade NamPower abrasive disc brushes for automated deburring and surface-finish operations. The high-performance brushes contain a combination of ceramic and silicon carbide filaments manufactured to a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic base for improved burr removal rates and surface finish, the company says. The tools are designed for integration with automated machinery, CNC machining centers, transfer lines and robotic cells.
The brushes are available in a variety of abrasive types and grit selections for materials including metallics, super alloys, plastics, composites, metal matrix, ceramics and more. Dot-style brushes are available for general-purpose deburring and surface finish applications, while turbine-style brushes are designed for medium to heavy deburring applications. Both styles are available in 100-, 125- and 150-mm diameters, and 18- or 38-mm trim lengths.
The brushes are designed for use with the company’s flow-through-coolant holder. This reusable holder allows coolant to flow from the brush center enabling the brush to run at greater depths while reducing heat generation.


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