Accomplish Fine Surface Finishes With Fewer Skim Cuts

According to Charmilles Technologies Corp., its Robofil 240cc uses a CC generator to improve machining speed while preserving the surface integrity of the machined material. The generator can offer particular value to the medical industry, as titanium alloys are frequently used for components that are placed into the human body as artificial parts.  


One aspect of the digital generator is its capability to prevent oxidation on titanium while averting the collection of brass and zinc materials on the surface, which originate during the cutting process from the wire electrode. From roughing to finishing, the generator is ‘zero voltage’ to protect parts against electrolytic effects. As a result,   anti-electrolysis in rough and skim cutting can be achieved. According to the company, the machine offers fine surface finishes with fewer skim cuts.


The machine is also equipped with ThermoCut, as well as a feature that provides collision protection on all five axes during manual or unattended operation. ThermoCut is a high speed wire threading system that stretches the wire and cuts it under the effect of heat, regardless of wire diameter and material.



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