Accomplishing Multiple-Part Workholding

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Hydramax Technologies has introduced a line of vise jaws for chick-type vises. The model Hydra 5-stc can hold as many as 20 parts in a double vise. It fits directly onto a chick vise with no modification.


The jaw uses hardened pistons (acting independently) and hydraulic action to equalize holding pressure on all of the parts. A common channel connects the pistons and allows equal force to push against each part. Because the parts are held with the same force, all part movement is eliminated, the company says. In addition, instances of broken cutters and damaged parts and fixtures are reduced.


The self-contained unit attaches to the sliding member of the vise using the chick locking pin, and it requires no external hydraulic lines.

Available in several configurations, the vise accommodates five, six, seven and 10 parts. With a double vise, twice as many parts can be held.