Accuracy In Bore Sizing And Finishing

Useful for low- to mid-production applications, Sunnen’s KGM 5000 Krossgrinding system is said to provide accuracy in bore sizing and finishing. In addition to consistently controlling bore size and respective roundness, the company says the system is capable of holding tolerances that are favorable when compared to ID grinding. In a production environment, the horizontal, single-spindle system can offer accuracies to 0.000010".


Incorporating Krossgrinding-plated diamond tooling and TurboHone single- or multi-stone tooling, the system offers fast stock removal while minimizing tool wear, according to the company.


Able to be operated by users of varying skill levels, the machine can be set up via a menu-driven Windows NT operating system. In addition, separate setups can be entered and saved for future production runs.


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