Accurate Bar Feeder Suits Medical Device Applications

IMTS 2018: The Ranger 112 from Edge Technologies is a scroll feed magazine bar feeder for round, square and hexagonal bar stock.


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The Ranger 112 from Edge Technologies is a scroll-feed magazine bar feeder for round, square and hexagonal barstock. It supports stock as long as 12 ft. with a diameter range of 1.5 to 15 mm, with a storage capacity of 16 bars. Small-diameter barstock, along with the accuracy of the scroll feed system, makes it suitable for the medical and electronics industries.

A two-pusher system, propelled by a toothed belt for accuracy and quiet running, reduces the overall length of the bar feeder by as much as 4 ft. Maximum adjustable feeding speed is 600 mm per sec., and maximum adjustable return speed is 1,000 mm per sec.

A synchronization device for Swiss-style lathes employs an electromagnetic coupling, mechanically linking the headstock’s Z-axis travel to the bar feeder’s pusher. This enables synchronous movement and maintains the connection between the barstock and the pusher collet.

Dual anti-vibration devices stabilize the barstock, maximizing rpm potential. The adjustable roller design provides support and easy setup of bar diameters without multiple bearing blocks.

The quick-change polyurethane guide channels are flooded with oil to create a hydrodynamic effect for the rotating bar, resulting in the ability to run at higher rpm with reduced vibration. The top guide channel is profiled for all barstock sizes.

The bar feeder features a remote pendant with a Mitsubishi control and servo drive. Its functions include manual and automatic operation, manual load and unload of barstock, movement of bar pusher, and emergency stop.


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