Accurate, On-Machine Measurement

Created for small machining centers, the OMP400 optical probe measures 40 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. It combines miniaturization of the OMP40 probe with advances in strain gage technology. Users can reduce setup times, scrap and fixture costs; improve process control with accurate, on-machine measurement; and achieve “done in one” efficiencies, says Renishaw Inc.


Suitable for use on machines with short Z-axis travel and spindles as small as HSK32, the probe can be used in applications requiring precise measurement. According to the company, strain gages allow the probe to trigger at low, consistent contact forces, resulting in less bending of the stylus and negligible pre-travel for enhancing accuracy.


The probe also features the company’s existing transmission system and a new ‘modulated’ method, which are designed to improve resistance to optical interference. This allows the probe to be paired with either existing OMM and OMI receivers, or the OMI-2 integrated receiver and interface.


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