Achieve Faster Turnaround With New Wire

The Xpress zinc-coated wire from the Consumable Products Group (CPG) is said to increase the speed of wire EDM machines, thus improving turnaround and productivity.


According to the company, the coating on the wire gives is especially useful for machining tall workpieces, in medical applications and in poor flushing conditions. The wire’s high tensile strength makes it appropriate for new machines with auto-threaders and older machines without threaders. It is available on P- and Din-style spools as well.


The company provides an array of products for operating wire and sinker EDMs, including a line of filters, brass wire, zinc-coated wire, diffusion-annealed wire, stratified wire, gamma phased wire, EDM drill tubes and supplies, power-feed contacts, Van-TG power-feed conversion kits, flush cups, diamond guides, Van-TG ultrasonic cleaning kits, graphite, dielectric fluid and Enviro-Clean EDM wire machine cleaner.

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