Adaptive Control Software For Turning

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The new i Adapt adaptive control software for turning is said to maximize a machine’s material removal rate during rough cutting to reduce cycle times and increase tool life. The company has also made enhancements to the milling version of this software.

Maximum material removal rates are more critical than precision and surface finish in roughing cycles. According to the company, the software is said to be an enabling technology for this stage of the machining process to maximize machine efficiency.

The software optimizes the cutting feed rate based on a programmed spindle load. By doing this in real-time, it can compensate for conservative assumptions and process variations to help reduce cycle times. Every part, including the first, is optimized automatically, eliminating the need for manual part program optimization.

The software works with all material types and requires no special programming for interrupted cuts. All adaptive monitoring is programmable through the CNC and is transparent to the operator. In addition to the shorter cycle times resulting from an optimized feed rate, the company says the software can also increase tool life by applying a constant and predictable cutting load.


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