Addition To Deep Drill Family

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The deep drill family of the XD series from Walter’s Titex has added two-edged spiral drills.The drills, with a drilling depth range of 30 ?D can be as long as 430 mm, and they are equipped with an internal coolant supply and can be used on virtually all machining centers. According to the company, the XD technology allows the user to achieve productivity increases in comparison to standard single-lip drills. Because of the cutting tool material K30F, the drills are suitable for use in steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and titanium alloys, and they do not place any special requirements in terms of coolant and coolant pressure. With their special flute geometry and the Tinal Futura top coating, the drills work reliably and areproductive, the company says. XD8 and XD12 (for drilling depths of 8 ?D and 12 ?D, respectively) drills are available in diameters between 3 and 20 mm. XD16 and XD20 are available in sizes between 3 and 16 mm, while XD25 and XD30 also come in sizes between 3 and 12 mm. Also added to the deep drill family are the XD-Pilot drills which are adjusted to the tolerances of the XD series and are suitable for deep-hole drills with diameters ranging between 3 and 16 mm.

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