Adhesives For OEM Assembly

ZipGrip rubber-toughened adhesives can be used for OEM assembly applications that require rapid curing, gap filling or the bonding of dissimilar substrates. These high-viscosity clear-drying cyanoacrylates effectively bond plastics, rubber and metal. Easily dispensed by hand or with automatic equipment, they provide flexibility and impact resistance and can withstand service temperatures up to 280°F.

Because they attain fixture strength in seconds, the adhesives eliminate the need for fixturing. The company says functional strength (80 percent or maximum) is attained in 60 minutes and full cure in 24 hours. The adhesives comply with military specification MIL-A-A-3097, Type II, Class 3.

With a viscosity of 1,200 cps, ZipGrip HV1200 is designed for bonding porous substrates and filling gaps to 0.008". Tensile shear strength (on steel) is 3,700 psi. It can be used for audio speaker assembly, PCM wire tacking and affixing gaskets or weather stripping to metal. It can also be used to bond wood, cork and leather.

With a higher viscosity (2,220 cps), ZipGrip HV2200 fills gaps to 0.05". Resistant to water, humidity and thermal shock, it has a higher tensile shear strength (3,800 psi on steel) and is designed for the assembly of automotive trim, air and oil filters, disk drives and other products.