Adjustable Boring Bars

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The expanded line of MD adjustable boring bars includes bars that will use the 80-degree diamond insert. These bars are designed with the company’s dual insert pocket so they accept either a 7-degree or 11-degree side clearance insert. This feature is said to increase insert interchangeability without increasing the number of boring bars required.

The bars offer the opportunity to convert into an end mill holder. The 4-flat shank design is said to give maximum gripping strength when held in an end mill holder. They are available in four shank sizes: 5/8”, ¾”, 1” and 1 1/4” diameter for both triangular inserts and 80-degree diamond inserts. The bar’s dial screws are calibrated in 0.002” on diameter increments. 

Using the same cantilever dovetail design as the original bars is said to give maximum rigidity to the cutting edge even at its fully extended position. The top locking screw firmly secures the insert holder during the boring operation.