Adjustable Link Clamp Provides 360-Degree Lever Positioning

EMO 2017: Vektek will showcase its TuffLink 360-degree adjustable link clamp. 

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Vektek will showcase its TuffLink 360-degree adjustable link clamp. The clamp is designed with a rotary lug to provide 360 degrees of lever positioning around an independent mounting flange, freeing fixture builders from being restricted to two or three position points that may not meet application or operation requirements. It is said to make fixture design and hinge clamp implementation easier and more efficient. According to the company, the body and pivot design provide minimal side-to-side axial movement and rigidity. It maintains symmetric loading on levers, pivots and pins, which ensure reliability and extended service life. The rotary lug is said to simplify drill passage planning and design while increasing fixture-builder flexibility and control on complex fixtures. Because plumbing and pipe routing are independent of the lever-positioning feature, only a rotational nudge is required for optimal positioning. The rotary lug and lever can be rotated for clamping outside the clamp centerline. It is available in 5,000-psi, 350-bar and 7-MPa product lines.

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