Adjustable Thick Turret Canisters for Quick Tool Changes


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Rapidset adjustable thick turret canisters from Mate Precision Tooling are intended for use with Original Style and AMX punch press tooling. The canisters are also compatible with Amada Standard, Amada ABS and Wilson Standard tooling styles. They are designed to provide quick tool changes and quicker punch length adjustment with existing tooling inventories. Each canister features a non-rotating clamping head with an adjustable clamping screw for setting the punch length; a texture Gription canister feature to ease handling; and a pre-loaded, self-contained spring pack that provides consistent stripping pressure, die penetration and reduced slug-pulling. A and B station canisters are available.

The company will also display its extended-life punch for Euromac XMTE10 multi-tools with adjustable-length punch, and its hinge tooling, EasyMark, Easy Snap and Snap Lock special application tooling systems.