AgieCharmilles Cut 2000 X Features Integrated Measurement for Edge Detection

The AgieCharmilles Cut 2000 X wire EDM from GF Machining Solutions is said to offer high accuracy and productivity for demanding applications.


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AgieCharmilles Cut 2000 X GFMS

Featuring Spark Track technology and an Integrated Vision Unit (IVU), the AgieCharmilles Cut 2000 X wire EDM from GF Machining Solutions is said to offer high accuracy and productivity for demanding applications. The machine’s Vision 5 software interface is designed to simplify last-minute machining sequence modifications and allows for special actions to be introduced directly inside the job to ramp up quality and productivity.

Open guides on the automatic wire changer (AWC) accommodate a combination of different wire diameters between roughing and finishing, thereby reducing machining time for small and complex geometries. The addition of 25-kg wire spools eliminates the need to modify the wire circuit when switching wires, which increases flexibility.

GF’s Spark Track technology includes an Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS) providing information about spark distribution on the wire. The feature is thus said to avoid wire breakage regardless of machining conditions. It also reduces part defects and simplifies machine operation. Wire oscillation, varied heights and tapered surfaces are among the problems resolved by Spark Track, the company says. 

With IVU Advance, users can save setup time, check reference points without a measuring machine and correct machining errors to achieve better part quality and increase productivity. The system uses a charge-coupled-device (CCD) camera mounted on the machine. Using this onboard measurement system to analyze light intensity variation enables detection of edges, which facilitates closed-loop manufacturing. Additional measurement systems are available for part control and setup along with automatic shutter and part cleaning solutions. 


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