Air-Driven Auxiliary Spindles For The Tool Carousel

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These auxiliary, air-driven, high speed spindles are designed to be mounted in the tool carousel of most machining centers and automatically exchanged by the tool changer. The wrap-around air induction system uses a manifold, which plugs up to a mounting block on the machining center’s spindle cap, thus eliminating the need to hook up an air hose manually. This assembly allows a range of air turbine spindles to be kept in the carousel until needed. They can also run “lights out.”  

Virtually any CNC machine can be retrofitted to become a high speed profit center, the company says, allowing increased surface footage for increased productivity. The spindles can produce as much as 1.4 hp at constant governed speeds from 25,000 to 90,000 rpm. The spindles feature a CAT40 spindle interface. The ER8 and ER11 collet systems for clamping tools deliver 0.0002" (5µ) TIR.    

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