Air Impact Markers Offer Increased Force

Columbia Marking Tools offers its model 78 Mite-E-Mark line of double-acting, air-operated impact markers.

Columbia Marking Tools says its model 78 Mite-E-Mark line of double-acting, air-operated impact markers is designed to be rugged and cost-effective. It provides more force than an air cylinder with the same bore, the company says, and is suited for permanently stamping one or two characters into steel, aluminum, plastic and a variety of composites.
The impact marker is available in 1" and 2" stroke models and features a return-cylinder indicator option that enables the operator to sense its return. This can be helpful in automation applications in which it is necessary to know when the maker is clear when the part transfers, the company says. Models are available with either an “A” rod style for multiple characters, or a CMF-steel or “B” style for single, robust, round CM7X-marker inserts. They can mark 1/16" to 3/16" characters, as well as pointed or chiseled points for staking or dimpling applications. The rod end features a holder with a set screw for retaining the stamps. Special rod ends also are available that enable more characters to be stamped. The markers can be keyed with non-rotating rams or non-keyed where the mark orientation is not critical.
The impact markers are precision-machined and chromed from high speed steels that are weighted to minimize shock at impact. They feature breakaway seals that ensure instant velocity to generate maximum impact force based on marker stroke. 
The impact markers can be mounted from the rear or with a foot mount, with four bolts and two air lines that are hooked up to factory air. These are controlled by a standard four-way air valve with a regulator to vary the marking force. The company recommends a ¼" shop air line with a maximum pressure of 100 psi. Maximum marking pressure is 1,500 lbs for markers with a 1" stroke and 2,500 lbs for markers with a 2" stroke. Proper-sized pneumatic valve pack kits also are available.  

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