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The company says its new Super Air Nozzle provides a high thrust, concentrated stream of high velocity airflow. The sound level is 74 dBA when supplied with an 80 PSIG compressed air supply. It is useful for reducing air consumption and noise levels for blowoff, cooling, drying and part ejection applications. The air nozzle ejects a small amount of compressed air through a series of holes located in recessed grooves on the surface. High volumes of surrounding room air are directed across the aerodynamic surface, resulting in a forceful airstream with minimal wind shear, the company says. At 80 PSIG, it provides 13 ounces of force with a compressed air consumption of 14.7 SCFM. The air nozzle has a zinc aluminum alloy construction with a 1/4 NPT male or 1/4 NPT female compressed air inlet. A 5/8" hex (16 mm) body is provided for installation with standard wrenches or sockets. Safe operation is assured, according to the company, because the air nozzle meets OSHA dead-end pressure and noise requirements. The air nozzle is available in a variety of configurations with safety air guns and attached to flexible hoses on magnetic bases.

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