Air-Powered Die Grinders

Company's new line of air-powered die grinders are said to be used in applications where heavy-duty metal removal and grinding is needed. The 1 HP Die Grinders are available in both standard and extension models with either a quarter-inch or 6-mm collet. The extension models can be used for applications where a longer each is neccessary. The tools use Carbid Burrs, rotary files and mounted points. Each tool features a rear exhaust air motor, a lightweight thermal insulated housing to reduced cold air transmission to the operator and a safety lock throttle lever to prevent an accidental start-up. A muffler is also included which is said to reduce sound levels as low as 82 dB(A). The standard die grinder is available in RPM models from 950-20,000. The extention die grinder is available in RPM models from 3,400-20,000. These grinders are said to be excellent for cleaning metal before welding, grinding down and smoothing weld seams and removing imperfections. Industrial application include foundries, welding shops, fabrication plants, steel mills and ship yards. An oprional An overhose assembly is available to further reduce noise levels by as much as 5dB(A). A line of accessories is also available which includes filter-regulator-lubricators, air line connectors, couple and plugs assembles and tune-up kits.

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