Alfing Now Offers SHW Machining Centers


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Alfing Corp. has expanded its product line to include machining centers from SHW. The machines include: 

  • The UniSpeed, a compact, multitasking machining center designed for high-efficiency milling and turning.
  • The TightBlock, a compact machine requiring no special foundation and featuring a full enclosure.
  • The PowerSpeed, a large universal milling machine capable of milling and boring large parts. Designed particularly for long workpieces, the machine spindle is said to cover its long travels with speed and precision. 
  • The UniForce, a travelling-column machine suited to large workpieces. 
  • The PowerForce, combining power, dynamics and precision, according to the company. The PowerForce 8 comes with an integrated, continuously positioning C axis.
  • The PowerBridge, a vertical gantry milling machine, whose high rigidity enables five-sided machining of engine blocks in the upright position.


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