Allied Machine Expands Boring Line with Wohlhaupter VolCut

Allied Machine and Engineering has introduced the Wohlhaupter VolCut insert holder, which features a high cutting speed and material removal up to 2.755”.


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A photo of the Wohlhaupter VolCut boring insert holder in use

Allied Machine and Engineering has expanded its boring line with the introduction of the Wohlhaupter VolCut insert holder. The rough boring system is engineered to remove large volumes of material at high speeds and light feed rates in a single cut.

VolCut combines the modularity of the Wohlhaupter MVS connection with Allied Machine and Engineering’s large-diameter holemaking solution. The company says this combination saves time and offers increased material removal and chip control at greater depths for large-diameter applications — even on underpowered machines. The VolCut insert holder is stocked for quick delivery with bore diameters ranging from 2.559”–128.149” (65–3,255 mm). Its design incorporates serrations that connect with Wohlhaupter’s Twin Cutter and AluLine boring systems.

Allied Machine and Engineering recommends VolCut to manufacturers pre-machining large-diameter holes in components for the oil and gas and heavy equipment industries, saying VolCut’s high cutting speed and material removal up to 2.755” (70.00 mm) can reduce cycle times. The company reports case studies show cycle time reductions up to 80% when compared to similar circular milling applications. The indexable inserts VolCut utilizes shorten process times even further by allowing the tool to remain engaged in the spindle while changing out worn cutting edges. Allied Machine and Engineering stocks the indexable inserts as standard items to facilitate quick replenishment.

“The VolCut insert holders provide a rough boring solution unmatched by other rough boring competitors,” says Natalie Wise, USA product manager of the Wohlhaupter boring line. “The ability to utilize the VolCut insert holders with your existing standard Wohlhaupter modular tooling provides the additional range needed to vastly improve your rough machining operations.”


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