Allied Machining's Machinist App Provides Calculators, References and Guides

Allied Machine & Engineering’s mobile app, Machinist Tool, is designed for machinists, tooling distributors and manufacturing engineers working with Allied’s tools.


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Allied Machine & Engineering’s mobile app, Machinist Tool, is designed for machinists, cutting tool distributors and manufacturing engineers working with Allied Machine’s tools. The app provides resources for drilling, boring, threading, reaming and roller burnishing operations.

The app includes trigonometry-functional speed and feed calculators, G- and M-code definitions, and seven different tap drill charts including the ACME general purpose (full profile), Unified National, and ISO Metric-J series. Machinist Tool also offers links to call Allied’s engineers or to find local Allied distributors if users need technical support. The app includes quick access to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) definitions as well as a boring insert selector to help machine operators choose correct inserts for various boring applications.

Machinist Tool compiles a quick reference library of Allied’s holemaking and finishing resources such as technical guides and operation manuals. Accessible tech guides include an illustrated pocked reference for threading, as well as a guide with recommended cutting data for ISO materials.

The app is available for download on iPhone and Android devices and is offered in several languages.


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