An Alternative To Traditional Foils

Melt-spun foil is offered through Morgan Advanced Ceramics’ Wesgo Metals division.  Manufactured from a range of alloys—including Pd-based, Cu-based and Ni-based (AMS 4777)—the foil can be produced in strips as wide as 10" (250 mm), with a typical thickness of 0.002" (0.05 mm), and can be cut into customized pre-form shapes.  


The 10" foil is useful for various automotive and aerospace applications in which a brazed assembly with a large cross-section is needed, including brazing heat exchanger assemblies, assembling and repairing compressor vanes, stators and hush kits. They are also used to produce cutting surfaces by brazing diamond compounds to tungsten carbide.


The company’s rapid solidification technology allows the production of high purity ductile foil material that might otherwise be brittle if produced by typical cold or hot rolling techniques. According to the company, the foil allows for flexible application, consistent wetting and melting behaviors, as well as structural stability over a range of temperatures. These amorphous materials are available in compositions such as nickel, copper and palladium.