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Analytics Software Offers Customizable Dashboards, Panels

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Vimana has launched new functionalities for its Elevate Enterprise Edition software. 


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Vimana has launched new functionalities for its Elevate Enterprise Edition software. The analytics software leverages pre-built templates and standardized KPIs, providing a turnkey product that can implement real-time performance dashboards and historical reporting for deep insights and problem solving. The company is augmenting its existing solutions and launching a set of features that provides users with control over configuring data parameters and visualizations to meet their needs.

Configurable Dashboards enable users to build their own dashboards using pre-made templates, so they can view their most important KPIs and visualizations. Users can create an unlimited number of dashboards customized by role, relevant device KPIs and parameters, line, cell, process, and plant. This user-defined, self-service data preparation gives users the control to look at the data the way they want to see it, enabling rapid insight for smarter action. This can eliminate or reduce the need for post-processing data, saving time and manual manipulation.

The Configurable Operator Panel enables users to configure relevant data classifications and metrics that align to operators and devices. An operator can add deeper insight into why their machine is not producing, and augment the classification for deeper data insight and interpretation. Configuration data relevant to each operator can improve problem identification and performance.


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