Annealing, Ablating Laser for Metals, Coated Metals, Plastics

RMI offers its 10-W laser marking system, the A-10 (20-W available).

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RMI offers its 10-W laser marking system, the A-10 (20-W available). The system expands upon the technology and components of the company’s U series. It is an application-focused laser with a tuned beam, which enables the uniform distribution of energy required for optimal annealing and ablating. According to the company, the system easily achieves high-contrast marks on plastics and metals.

Dark-colored marks can be created on metals like steel and titanium without etching into the surface. High-energy pulses cause color change on plastics without foaming or melting. The company says that customers in the medical industry are particularly interested in the A-10 because it is strong enough to create marks yet delicate enough to prevent melting or etching on surfaces prone to bacterial contamination.

The A-10 has a deep focal depth enabling annealing on surfaces that change as much as 10 mm in height. This is particularly useful when marking curved surfaces, the company says. 

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