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Applicator For Minimum Quantity Lubrication

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The Accu-Lube Advantage applicator is built for big and small shops that are interested in Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL). According to the company, MQL can help shops eliminate wet, messy flood coolants that produce dangerous mists that are harmful to operators and can create rust on parts and machines.   The applicator’s magnetic base and controls enable easy installation and operation, and the unit’s portability is useful in shops where operators move in between different machines, the company says. Additionally, the applicator requires no fluid maintenance and no disposal costs. Available in one- and two-nozzle models, it comes standard with a 10-oz. lubricant reservoir; an 8-ft air/lubrication hose; and flexible 12" Loc-Line nozzles with independent magnetic mounts.  

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  • The Many Ways Ford Benefits from MQL

    Clean machining using minimum quantity lubrication has allowed Ford’s Van Dyke transmission plant to become fundamentally more efficient and effective at manufacturing six-speed automatic transmissions.

  • Ozone Provides Solution To Bacteria In Coolants

    Bacterial growth in metalworking fluids eventually leads to machine downtime. Furthermore, shop owners and plant managers see an increased cost of purchasing replacement fluids and the disposal of spent fluids.

  • Understanding MQL

    Minimum quantity lubricant can save money, improve tool life and improve the part finish. But it may involve changes to both the equipment and the processing strategy.

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