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1/2/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

Armored Milling Cutter

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For high speed machining of aluminum alloys, Valenite’s ValMill V650 high-velocity face milling system features a pocket design and direct-mount insert clamping mechanism. The tools are suited for high speed machining centers that offer rigid and chatter-free operations at speeds to 20,000 sfm. According to the company, the high rigidity of the insert mount, characterized by a closed “wedge-lock” pocket design—where 75 percent of the insert body is “armored” within the cutter body and clamping mechanism—is able to absorb high centrifugal forces. Overall system strength is enhanced by incorporating a serrated insert face and matching pocket surface that helps align and secure the insert while preventing any lateral shift during operation. Within the pocket, the hardened lock wedge is positioned at the underside of the insert, thus acting as a damper against vibrations. The lock wedge is designed to break instead of the cutter body in case of collisions with the workpiece or fixturing. The cutter body is manufactured from quality steel and hardened for added rigidity and resistance to wear and tear from chip abrasion. The milling cutter can adjust each insert’s axial depth setting using a vibration-resistant adjusting screw. The adjustment feature provides easy, high-accuracy positioning, and adjustments do not affect the tool’s state of balance, the company says. The cutters are available in sizes ranging from 2" through 10" in diameter and can use the company’s ValPro serrated-style PCD-tipped inserts for aluminum and non-ferrous work or CBN selections for a wide range of applications.
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