Auto Shrink Presetters

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The company's line of Speroni Auto Shrink presetters are designed for presetting drills, end mills, taps or any other tooling that uses a shrink-fit process to achieve peak performance at higher cutting speeds and feeds. Its integrated tool height adjustment system (through pin), mounted inside the spindle body, allows for the fully automatic setting of all shrink-fit tooling.

With a 1-micron (0.000039") resolution, the pin becomes an axis and allows for the highest level of precision in the assembly of a tool to a shrink-fit toolholder, 
with no adjustment after the toolholder has shrunk.

The system features a high-powered multi-frequency automatic positioning coil that can shrink-fit any kind of tooling, including HSS tools, with diameters ranging from 4 mm (0.16") to 32 mm (1.26"). An additional quick-change coil is available for diameters from 32 mm to 50 mm (1.97").

The full integration of the coil system with the company’s BDI software module makes the shrink-fit operation safe and completely automatic. The correct settings, tool height positioning, heat time and so on, are automatically supplied to the coil, leaving the operator with the task of simply inserting the tool in the heated toolholder when prompted. The heating operation takes only seconds, and the coil automatically moves away from the toolholder after the shrink process is completed.

For maximum safety and convenience, the system has an integrated, water-cooled system. It cools the toolholder in about 30 seconds, preventing the heat from traveling to its lower part. After cooling, the toolholder can be removed from the spindle and set aside to normalize before length verification in the presetter. The complete checking, heating and cooling process takes less than two minutes.

The system also has the ability to measure and preset other tools from the machine's database, not just the shrink-fit tooling. Its measurement accuracy includes repeatability to ±1 micron/0.000039", and data memory for all of your tool jobs, tools, components and zero set points.

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